OO Boerrnebueskytte54 2This information is to help our guests and visitors plan a schedule for the year 2020

We are aware that families with children - visiting schools - visiting companies - event-groups - all would like to know if it is possible to visit our village in the coming year 2020.

So below you may read a FIRST AND NOT FIRM planning schedule for events plus general opening hours in the year 2020.

We shall follow up on the details on a running basis - so we urge you to consult our web-site on a continued basis - to make sure the dates and events have not changed. 

You are always free to call us by phone or contact us by mail - to make sure that the village is open for one or more visiting groups.


Calendar year 2020 for the Iron Age Viking Village Odins Odense

High Season:            open on all days from 27th June until 30th August - during the hours 10AM - 4PM

Low Season:            4th April from 26th June as well as 31th August – 18th October            

Quiet days are work-days Monday until Thursday (NOT Friday)  during the hours 10AM - 4PM

OO gaester i byen 3782People active in the Village during weekends and on Public Hollidays during the hours 10AM - 4PM

Open on Holidays - AND - Events:

Winter Holidays                       8th -16th  February open all days - Village is populated

Springtime Celebration            21st March

Easter Holiday                          4th -13th  April open all days - Village is populated

Iron Age Viking Market            16th - 17th  May

Brimir's Marketplace                13th - 14th  June

Sommer Solstice                      20th  June

Festival of Skalds (Poets)       18th - 19th  July

OO haandvaerk 0010Days of Craftmanship             19th - 20th  September

Autumn Holiday                      10th - 18th  October open all days - Village is populated

Viking Jól Celebration            12th - 13th  December

History is our common heritage

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