The bow shooting group is named Odins Odense Balder-Group

OdinsOdense Laeringsforloeb2019 Side 06Some of the village volunteers started the Long Bow Project this autumn - 2019. 

What happens is:

We build a secure shooting range on the field at the end of the village. Here the volunteer-group will introduce to our visitors the use and story of the long bow of old .

OO Boerrnebueskytte54In this activity, we instruct new comers first shooting experience-  but also help and secure those people who tried shooting the bow before. 

Some of us will instruct in the actual shooting - others may tell stories of old bows and shooters known in history.

We have over the last years introduced the activity for our guests - and they always report how happy and impressed with this activity they have been - Families especially love this - Sometimes we see the children wanting to stay and shoot more - and the parents or grand parents leave to see other facilities in the meantime.


AT this very moment we have new and proper reconstructed bows and arrows made for the next season - in order to expand and improve on the experience and the safety for all.

The new shooting range in the Iron Age Viking Village will be ready for guests for the next season in the autumn of 2020.