We experienced in the later years a keen interest in using our village for Movie Locations

Danish Television as well as Nordisk Film Denmark - so far - decided to use our beautiful village and surroundings for Movie shootings 

A couple of years ago we actually hosted the TV-recordings for a Danish Christmas TV-series - where our volunteers joined the set in as "extras" - all dressed in Village-made clothing - New clothing pieces had to made to show as "elves"...

In fact we may claim that we hide the "gateway" to the secret realm of Father Christmas and his elves - in our small forest. 

Recordings of vikings also took place - Again with people from the village in their own time relevant clothings.

See the picture series below (so far only 85 photoes...) and get feeling for the place. 

We stand ready to contribute to your plans and to support your on recording days - should you choose our facilities to shoot the next movie.

Do not hesitate to contact our leader of the Village - Annette Huulvej - (see contact- info below)  - or - Come visiting us - We shall put the kettle on and be ready for a chat about your wishes and what we can do to help you.