OO formidling skoletjenesten 0136Learn about the life and beliefs in the Iron Age and Viking Age. Take a guided tour

and imerge yourself into all the fine stories of the past - everyday life - good times and bad times - How to survive by your faith. Find out what our village hides from envious eyes.

Join us by the fireplace in the house - Sit with us and find calmness in the shadows.... relax and enjoy when the shadows dance.

A previous booked guided tour of the village will get you much closer to the life and beliefs of northerners 2000 years ago!

Our guide is naturally dressed as you would expect in this particular age - and you may feel at home when he / she introduces you to the interiors of the Iron Age Viking houses - Start you wondering how people survived every day life - good times and bad times. 

Who were these people? - How did they live - and how long? - Where was the smithy?? - What did he really do on a days work? - What was it like to withstand the cold of winter? - What to do when the village was attacked - tools and weapons?

Join the guide when you must pass through the forest to get to the local sacrificial bog. Learn of thoughts and beliefs.... BE ON THE SPOT in time yourself.

OO rundvisninger12Each guided tour may be adapted to your wishes for knowledge - Only - we need to know your requests and the day you arrive - then we shall provide the good experience and a guided tour for about one and a half hour - a tour you will not forget.

Call us - or write us on E-mail - Then we find out together what we can do for you.

You may also tour the village yourself - Bring your own lunch basket and enjoy your lunch in our lunch area - arranged with roofed benches. 

Pricing a Guided Tour

is - always calculated for groups of at least 20 persons - You may of course arrive with a smaller group of people.