Om landsbyen 01The Iron Age Village by Odins Odense

is a beautiful small village where you will find reconstructed houses based on Iron Age and the Viking Age archeological findings showing everyday life from several locations on the island of Funen.

Your experience when you visit our village will certainly be extraordinary.

Here you will meet our community that is a number of local people who have chosen in their spare time to live and present and pass on historical knowledge of the past to the visitors.

Our ways of telling the story of old are many.

All according to the time of year you may experience all kinds of activity and events that will tell you about the people who lived and died over 1500 years ago.

We have also taken upon us to teach children the history of old by inviting them with their teachers to spend time in the village - and if possible - live and work in the houses for a while in order to get very close to the reality of old times.

In the community Odins Odense everybody take part in the teaching and all working together to maintain the village - keep the community alive and to present the ways of living and the skills and crafts needed to survive 1500 years ago.

At all times we improve on our historical knowledge - and keep teaching each other as well as learning from each other!

We welcome you to enter OUR time in the past - to bring the feeling and experience of old with you back to the hectic present.